Bliss wallpaper

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Bliss Wallpaper for web (600).jpg

Bliss wallpaper

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Make a statement with our bold, geometric, heavy-weight wallpaper that is luxurious to touch and easy to hang. Sold by the 1.4metre repeat or as hand-cut 2.5 metre panels.

1.4 metre minimum order to receive the complete pattern

By the 1.4 metre repeat
Perfect for smaller creative projects such as up-cycling table tops, bureaus, side boards etc, or for decorative effects on stair risers etc. For some creative inspiration click here.

Hand-cut panels trimmed to 2.5 metres each, are cut specifically to reduce waste when wallpapering any wall. The standard UK ceiling height is 2.4 metres so each panel only needs trimming to fit your wall perfectly.

If you have a higher ceiling, please contact us and we can print the panels to fit your specific requirements.

170gsm non-woven matt paper
Width 60 cm
Repeat: 140 cm

This product is printed to order, please allow 2 weeks for your order to be dispatched. This wallpaper is ‘Paste the wall’ reducing the papering time down by about half - eliminating the messy table and soaking time.

Story behind the design
Pantone’s colour reference system is a valuable resource to all designers and when they introduced ‘Tangerine Tango’ we couldn’t resist using this vivid orange - even its name puts a smile on our faces. ‘Bliss’  is uplifting, even on the dullest days.

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